Family Holiday – Turkey 2016

Family Holiday 2016 - Turkey

I will start by saying the portrait photographs are not my own, although I am in some.  They were taking by professional photographers at the resort. 

Apparently there is a rumour going around that I might be 40 on Saturday, I find it hard to believe!  And this holiday was our family birthday treat and we were joined by my mum, brother and his family!  It was a holiday with a few first, the first of which was a holiday in Turkey, somewhere I've never stayed before.  It was the first time I've had a Turkish bath and massage (highly recommended), although I think it may of chilled me out too much and I'm still struggling to actually do any work!    

It was also the first time I've tried scuba diving!  OK, it was only in a pool for 5 minutes, but I did it.  It's a lot harder than it looks and I'm not sure if I'd try it again, possibly just stick to snorkelling.   But I couldn't let the kids show me up, and they made it a lot easier than I did.

We took the underwater camera with us, it always provides interesting photos.  It usually becomes the kids camera for the week and this year they did a water slide selfie competition.  

We had a great week in the hot sunshine and the flight back provided another first for me and that was seeing lightning from the aeroplane!  I also had the tragus part of my ear pierced!!