Finding Bluebells!

 A friend posted some beautiful photos of bluebells on facebook.  They were so wonderful I had to drag my boys out to find them, we took my mums dog along with us as well to keep our dog company.

I've always loved bluebells, it stems back from childhood, taking family dog walks in the local woods.  Most years I make a half hearted attempt to find some and try photographing them, but I've usually missed the best times due to weather or other commitments.  But this year, wow, thy are looking amazing and totally worth the effort to find them.

My only disappointment was, although warm and dry, we had cloud cover, which meant no amazing rays of sunlight breaking through the trees.  Hopefully, I'll get back again this week, just keeping an eye out for a gap in the weather, before they're all gone for another year.

In the mean time, enjoy these few photos of bluebells, a cocker spaniel and a springer cross.


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